This section of the website provides examples of
how 'picTeur' is put together with a camera and
various lenses and sighting devices with and
without the use of step-up and step-down adapter

As can be noticed, as long as lenses and sighting
devices use standard threads irrespective of the
sizes, they can be used with 'picTeur' which is then
mounted on the camera.

The transition from the camera to the lenses and
sighting devices is made possible with tue use of
different sizes of step-up and step-down adapter
Sample Setups
The pictures use the slip
type camera mount. The  
mount uses a screw to
attach the 'picTeur' to the

The screw type camera
mount (not shown here)
uses an adapter ring to
mount the 'picTeur' to the
Use 'picTeur' to
photograph and
report a tornado.
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Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847