The actual taking of pictures is only half of the
process in infra photography. The final result is
being able to display the eerie pictures of heat
captured by the camera.

The 'picTeur' enables point and shoot camera to
take an infra red picture using different size IR
filters and adapters. While the picture is somewhat
usable in its current form (see right), it is not the
final product. As is discussed below, the picture
has to undergo software processing to achieve the
final result.
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Completing IR Photo Processing
The picture at left is the result of swapping the red
various picture processing softwares in the market.

The process of transforming the two pictures from
one to the other was done with the use of GIMP, a
free software. Simply, color swapping is done as
follows: 1) while processing the red color, the red
is made 0% and the blue is made 100%; 2) while
processing the blue color, the blue is made 0%,
and the red is made 100%. Thereafter, the picture
is decomposed.
Infra red filter. Comes in
different sizes and in
different levels of heat
'*eRa*Kit'. Used to attach
Infra red filters to the point
and shoot camera.
Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847