Long before the existence of softwares like
Photoshop, photographs were presented in their
natural and superb beauty with the use of filters.
Those filters are now being driven out of favor
because of the growing popularity of softwares to
manipulate photographs.

One only looks at eBay to find thousands of the old
filters being sold at unbelievable bargains. The
picture at right was taken using a 3-image filter
which was bought at eBay for less than $10.00.
Photographic companies and studios retiring from
business, are selling these types of filters at
reduced prices.
'What you see is what you get' - that is photography in strict and natural sense. That
is how these filters were used. Unfortunately these filters are headed to recycling
centers either because current crop of cameras do not allow for attaching filters, or
camera owners prefer to impart natural beauty to their photographs with the use of

'picTeur' provides new life for these filters. These filters can now be attached to point
and shoot cameras, More important, filter sizes are not a limitation for adapting
these filters to the cameras.  With step-up and step-down adapters, point and shoot
cameras become a desirable element for pleasure and festivities.

See other examples of how specialty filters are used.
Specialty Filters and Lenses
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A single picture using a
6-image filter purchased at
less than $20.00.
The 3-image filter used to take
the picture at right in the main
Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847