Personalizing the 'picTeur'
Sample Mark
The picture at right is provided as a sample
mark for personalizing 'picTeur'. The mark
can be as complicated as it is shown, or it
can be a simple mark made out of
standard characters.

'picTeur' has just enough space to
accommodate marks. Its height is only
approximately 1-1/8" and its horizontal
space  is approximately 2". Surrounding the
mark are spaces to provide symmetry.

Some examples of personalizing the 'picTeur'.

            Your Name
    Reporter, Local News

             Your Name

             Your Name
    Manager, Company Name

      Your Name

        Your Name

        Your Name
    Freedom Fighter
Personalizing 'picTeur' is a matter of taste. We will accommodate your
characters may not be properly etched, The above examples are about the
smallest size characters that will register properly.
Use 'picTeur' to
photograph the
Panama Canal
Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847