The use of 'picTeur' is not limited to leisure

The camera equipped with 'picTeur' can be used in
law enforcement as monitoring unruly crowd. It can
be used in life guarding as in the picture at the
right. Mariners can be helped by a monocular with
reticle and compass attached to the camera.

Depending on the type of camera and the sighting
device attached to it, industrial applications are
possible such as in laboratories like the picture at
the bottom left.
The most common use of 'picTeur' is probably in the area of leisure photography
such as in hunting. Travelers and tourists will be able to document their travels and
different sites visited from a distance where safety is a concern such as getting
close to the object being photographed.
Using Various Sighting Devices
Getting close to
the object of
photography is
not safe
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Hunting. The 'picTeur' can be
mounted on a hunting rifle to
aim and photograph hunting
Laboratory. The 'picTeur' can
be mounted on a
microscope to take pictures
of specimens.
Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847