Possible Uses of 'picTeur'
  • surveillance from a distance when getting close endangers the observer,
  • observing a phenomenon such as unusual celestial events,
  • research such as observing the habits of certain insects,
  • crowd observation such as in parades and demonstrations,
  • monitoring such as vehicles behaving erratically,
  • past time such as bird-watching and whale-watching,
  • safaris such as observing wild animals from a distance,
  • emergency reporting such as a traffic accident,
  • fire fighting such as reporting a fire at a distant canyon,
  • progress report such as of a mountain climber,
  • fast sports such as tennis matches and basketball games,
  • traffic surveillance such as monitoring speeding cars,
  • weather observation such as monitoring snow levels,
  • crowd safety such as life guarding on the beach, and
  • law enforcement such as monitoring unruly crowd.
'picTeur' being used with a camera
and an eyepiece.
Use 'picTeur'  to
summon help in an
Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847